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A community association established to make Meath Gardens, in Bethnal Green, a better space for wildlife and local people, which they can be proud of and be inspired to look after. 

About us

Meath Gardens was created out of the former Victoria Park Cemetery and was opened to the public in 1895.  However the space became neglected  and many trees were cut down with each new housing development. In 2015, Friends of Meath Gardens (FoMG)  was formed.  We have developed a landscape strategy with our volunteers and LBTH and  have started an ambitious planting programme for hundreds of shrubs, bulbs and native trees.  Join us in this exciting adventure!

Our strategy

Together with our residents and the London Borough of Tower Hamlets (LBTH) we have developed a landscape strategy for Meath Gardens.  This is a vision for the gardens to enrich it for biodiversity and wildlife and to make it a wonderful place for all of us in East London.  Our landscape strategy brings together 3 elements of Community, History and Nature.  We also work with neighboring communities and with initiatives to regenerate Globe Town and Roman Road


We are still developing a means for online donations (watch this space).  In the meantime, if you would like to donate to us, please write a cheque to Friends of Meath Gardens and put this in an envelope for 1405 Grand Regent Tower, 2 Cadmium Square, E2 OFG.  Your generous support will fund projects like:

  • New plants for the gardens

  • ​Gardening tools

  • Wildflower meadows

  • School workshops

  • ​A water feature for the gardens

  • ​And much more...


We hold volunteering days every month. Join the Facebook Group: Friends of Meath Gardens or follow us on twitter (@friendsofmeath1) for updates.  Our volunteers come from residences around the gardens, local schools and from other community groups in East London.  Our events are a great way to make new friends, relax and get connected with "mother earth".  Some of our volunteers say that the best bit for them are the drinks we have in the local pub afterwards :)

Goodgym 2.jpg

Things we are working on include:

  • Globe Town Market Regeneration

  • Planting more shrubs

  • Bulb planting

  • Improving flower beds in the gardens

  • Opening the QMUL underpass

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